Welcome to the random thoughts, queries and garbles that one can expect from a young adult with less sanity than the average person.

~Let Us Commence~

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So this me.
The writer or should I say, official top-notch uno numero person on this stream of randomness.

Fear me.

I suppose I should say that I am a very scatter brained individual, this can be proved with many such examples that are repetitively brought up in many a humorous context.
One such example being in Archaeology when I very innocently put forward the question ‘What’s gis?’…
‘Geographical Information Systems’ for those that are wondering… not the lesser acronymed counterpart.
Ooops indeed!

If you are wondering what else I am like in personality – read.
Just a warning to ye; I will post sporadically in a sparkling array of contexts.

Now I shall figuratively wave adieu to you through this simply send off.


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