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IAMX – Volatile Times AMV

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So tomorrow I shall aim to complete Psycho Pass ­čÖé
It’s really awesome so far so I have dedicated today’s AMV (even if it is really late!) to the anime. It definitely needs to be noticed as it only has 571 views to date and I think about 10 of them are from me!
The song in it is epic also!

As always the video does not belong to me and is hosted on youtube channel fullmoon88chan. Check them out if you like AMVs with lots of beats (Y) very talented methinks!


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‘Insomnia is a gross feeder. It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking.’
Clifton Fadiman

Argh insomnia! What a true delight you are(!)
Sometimes when assignment deadlines are upcoming it is a blessing but on a saturday night during a holiday before the exam period it truly is a┬ánuisance. Even worse than a small child who does something┬árepeatedly while donning a┬ámalicious┬ásmirk upon their cherubic face…
I believe it could be time to start buying the sleeping tablets again, or any herbal remedies that might counteract this situation.
Calming hypnotherapy music on, lights off.
Hopefully brain off!
Fingers crossed.

30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane AMV

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This is the best FF XIII AMV I have come across to date and thought that the world of wordpress should see it’s glory.
It truly is a piece of art. Well bloody done to the creator! I commend you greatly ­čÖé

And again; as always I do not own this video. It can be found on the Youtube Channel DarkLordofDebate.

Breaking Benjamin – Until the End AMV

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Like FF VII: Advent Children?
Then I think you will love this AMV. It is truly fan-flippin’-tastic!
I will always remember this film as a thing that united me with my brother a bit more as we have never truly been ‘siblings’.
I have always thought the film shows Cloud Strife as a wet blanket sorta guy… truly pathetic. But thank goodness my favourites Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine appear ­čśÇ
The song blends perfectly with the graphics from the film.
Next post shall be the final AMV for the evening.

As always, this video is not owned by me but id hosted on the youtube channel telegend.

MS MR – Time of My Life

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I just love this video as a whole; the lyrics in the song, the tune that makes me want to spin around in a rainstorm, and the photography within that always connects people with nature.
I found this band as they did the song ‘Bones’, which was used on the Game of Thrones season 3 trailer!
I aim to make a AMV out of this one day, hopefully before I leave for the US in late August.
More spamming will be forthcoming! Pre-warning now.

As always, this video is not owned by me and is hosted on the youtube channel MrBernibest.

Safety Dance – Men Without Hats AMV

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Continuing on with the AMV tradition that is occurring on this page with a personal favourite due to the tune… It always evokes the memory of my father and I grooving out in the kitchen with this playing in the background! Good times indeed!
Have fun dancing safely now ­čśë

As always this video is not mine and it is hosted on the youtube channel TheBestAMVsOfAllTime.

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ad┬Ědic┬Ětion ┬á–┬á/╔Ö╦łdikSH╔Ön/
Noun – The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity.

This term now dictates a large part of┬áour┬álives today and I don’t think people understand the vast consequences or benefits an addicted individual can reap.
I will admit now, I myself am addicted to a number of things.
But then again who isn’t in today’s society?

This epidemic needs to be addressed and now.
I find myself addicted to obsessions. If that is indeed an addiction.

I count myself as a sad, sad being as I feel the need to check Facebook at all times and sometimes it is just like reflex. Now that is when I scare myself. I have counteracted this in the past by deactivating my account but alas with moving onto the academic pursuit of university I have activated it again as a way to calm my relatives and best friend that I am not dead in an alleyway in the south of England, while they are in the north. But the almost feeble need just keeps on growing to the point where you feel like a empty vacuum is inside you as you thought a red notification icon would magically appear like a flare gun in the encroaching darkness. This is why I am writing this post.

On the other hand though I am most happily addicted to FanFiction, having so far gathered 567 stories to it since 24-11-10. This is because it allows me to escape reality and live in my own head through the means of external lifes that the characters are involved in. Plus if you don’t like the direction the story is going then you can just close down the tab.
Now I surely depict myself as a coward. I assure you I am not… unless it involves dentists, spiral staircases or hospital operating rooms.

What I am trying to ultimately get at with this post is that addictions shouldn’t be seen as just a bad thing. But like a coin. There is a good and a bad side to all. I know this can be very controversial in relation to drugs, drink and such and can┬ádefinitely be evaluated to more depth with the fraction of how much something is a pro and con and what not; but this has helped me in the long run.

I hope it helps you if you feel in the same situation.